The Solstice is Coming!

Meet the cover art (by the very talented Tam Rogers) for the Flash Dogs dual anthology coming out on Sunday, summer solstice for those of us in the northern hemisphere, winter for those in the south. It will be available in both print and e-book formats. Flash Dogs is a casual collective of flash-fiction writers […]

Friday Flasher: “Gentlefolk”

This one earned runner-up over at Angry Hourglass (round 42 of Flash Frenzy). It’s based on a fabulous photo by David Shakes, whose stories rival his photography in evocative awesomeness. Gentlefolk The contrails of our exodus lace the maroon evening in pink, while the current crinkles against the hull of my skiff. I exhale into […]

Friday Flasher: “All Shook Up”

I wasn’t the only one who saw Undead Elvis in that photo.

Sunday Micro-Fic: “Oracle”

The results of Flash! Friday‘s contest are in and a hearty congratulations to the well-deserved winner Tamara Shoemaker, whose poetic entry “Vain Race” beat out over seventy entries this week. Picture Prompt comes from the Olympic marathon in Greece 1896: And the bidding was to include: War (as per the anniversary of the Battle of […]

Friday Flasher — “Panacea”

One of the things I love about flash is that it has the creative flexibility of poetry. Non-standard narratives that would get annoying in a longer work, shine in a piece of flash.  For “Panacea” I have the first person narrator address the impact character in the second person. I’m very satisfied with how it […]

Sunday Micro-Fiction–a double feature

I wrote “Sionnach” and “Into the Lair” (below) the morning I should have been packing (I had a plane catch Friday afternoon). Flash Fiction Friday’s prompt included this picture of St. Kilda, an island in Scotland with a sad little history. The element for necessary inclusion was a baby. During the writing of both, I […]

Friday Fiction–“From the High Seas”

A day late as I spent yesterday hustling the squid through airplanes and airports. This one came from the Indies Unlimited prompt “New World”, a picture of Boston Harbor.  The fun of the prompt came from the text portion: It was a long journey. Truly, it took much longer than Sergio Cortinez could have ever […]

We Have a Winner! (plus delayed Sunday micro-flash “Safe Landing”)

      My short “Mission Control” won the 150-word Flash! Friday competition last week (announced this week).  The prompt was a picture taken of the astronauts of the Gemini V mission after their water landing…   … and an alien had to be included. I submitted two flashes (as I’d just realized I could […]

Sunday Micro-fiction–“Comet”

Ahoy! I spotted yet another flash fiction contest. This one limited to 150 words (give or take 10) over at Flash! Friday. This last Friday’s picture prompt gave us a castaway sailor (Marooned, a painting by Howard Pyle) and the word “arrogance”:   I loved the challenge of telling a story in 160 words! Once the […]

Flash Fiction Friday

This picture of seagulls panicking was the prompt for the Indies Unlimited weekly flash contest, along with the following text: “On this peninsula, the weather can come from any direction. You learn to watch the animals for signs of the big storms. I saw the gulls coming from the north and moving fast. They paid no attention […]