Sunday Micro-Fiction

Sunday Micro-Fic: “Oracle”

The results of Flash! Friday‘s contest are in and a hearty congratulations to the well-deserved winner Tamara Shoemaker, whose poetic entry “Vain Race” beat out over seventy entries this week. Picture Prompt comes from the Olympic marathon in Greece 1896: And the bidding was to include: War (as per the anniversary of the Battle of […]

Sunday Micro-Fiction–a double feature

I wrote “Sionnach” and “Into the Lair” (below) the morning I should have been packing (I had a plane catch Friday afternoon). Flash Fiction Friday’s prompt included this picture of St. Kilda, an island in Scotland with a sad little history. The element for necessary inclusion was a baby. During the writing of both, I […]

We Have a Winner! (plus delayed Sunday micro-flash “Safe Landing”)

      My short “Mission Control” won the 150-word Flash! Friday competition last week (announced this week).  The prompt was a picture taken of the astronauts of the Gemini V mission after their water landing…   … and an alien had to be included. I submitted two flashes (as I’d just realized I could […]

Sunday Micro-fiction–“Comet”

Ahoy! I spotted yet another flash fiction contest. This one limited to 150 words (give or take 10) over at Flash! Friday. This last Friday’s picture prompt gave us a castaway sailor (Marooned, a painting by Howard Pyle) and the word “arrogance”:   I loved the challenge of telling a story in 160 words! Once the […]