Fiction Friday–“Masterpiece”

With this week’s prompt I got to play around with Nammu, a primeval goddess out of the Fertile Crescent. I didn’t do heavy promoting of this week’s Indies Unlimited flash fiction contest.  I don’t want it to be a popularity contest, and really why would I? 1) I don’t have much of a following, and 2) […]

Tools for Writing–Submission Grinder

I’d first heard of Diabolical Plots when they started doing reviews for the stories on Daily Science Fiction, to which I subscribe (free spec-fic in e-mailbox everyday!), So, they’d been on my radar for about a year before they became my best writerly friend. The (Submission) Grinder is an online tool for writers to search for markets […]

More Flash Contests! Indies Unlimited

Another flash fiction contest has come to my attention, with a fast turn around: Indies Unlimited.  It’s pretty much designed for a writer/parent-of-toddler.  (It pays to browse a twitter feed loaded with writers–who knew?) This one is weekly.  Yep, every Saturday, a photo and text prompt go up, and we have until Tuesday at 5pm (Arizona […]