Friday Flasher

Friday Flasher: “Gentlefolk”

This one earned runner-up over at Angry Hourglass (round 42 of Flash Frenzy). It’s based on a fabulous photo by David Shakes, whose stories rival his photography in evocative awesomeness. Gentlefolk The contrails of our exodus lace the maroon evening in pink, while the current crinkles against the hull of my skiff. I exhale into […]

Friday Flasher: “All Shook Up”

I wasn’t the only one who saw Undead Elvis in that photo.

Weekend Flash Round-Up: “Carving Out a Space” and “Third Time”

In terms of Scooby Snacks to my ego, this has been a fabulous contest week. First of all, over at Angry Hourglass’s Flash Frenzy, I managed to get another FlashMaster badge for “Carving Out a Space”, an SF piece based on a pic prompt of pumpkins. It got featured here, for Humpday Quickie #39. Then, […]

Friday Flasher: “Perfect Fit” (Flash Frenzy’s Winner)

[Delayed due to Canadian Thanksgiving celebration with pals and the next round of Flash Frenzy.] From Angry Hourglass, my second attempt at Flash Frenzy earned me this: : For Round 38. The prompt photo was this great shot by Ashwin Rao: I went for semi-straight fiction (comedy) on this one. I never really know how […]

Friday Flasher–“Other Resources”

This week, the Indies Unlimited prompt featured a purse snatcher and a flight of stairs: “The punk grabbed the old lady’s purse and ran up those steps like a monkey on crack. A little crowd of tourists gathered around as the old woman yelled at me to do something. I’m at least thirty years older and […]

Friday Flasher–“Agency”

Kathryn El-Assal’s excellent flash won this week’s Indies Unlimited prompt. The picture was of a field of safflowers (NOT sunflowers as several writers noted within the context of their pieces): The text prompt accompanying it: “She was always amazed by the beauty of nature. Thousands of people would probably have driven by the massive field […]

Friday Flasher — “Panacea”

One of the things I love about flash is that it has the creative flexibility of poetry. Non-standard narratives that would get annoying in a longer work, shine in a piece of flash.  For “Panacea” I have the first person narrator address the impact character in the second person. I’m very satisfied with how it […]