Fiction Friday

Monday Micros: “Fire with Fire” and “Facsimile”

Let’s get this ol’ gal of a blog cranking with some micros. My Scrivener file of flashes is bursting at the seams. We had a big couple of weeks over at Flash! Friday, what with the third Flashversary and the start of the new year with a panel of shiny new judges. So this week’s […]

Monday Micros: Earth-Colony and a Radioactive Monk

Spill over from last week’s contest. The first one took 3rd place over at MicroBookends, a fun contest where we get a photo prompt and the first and last words for a 100-word flash. Autochthonous Earth clings like a barnacle to a distant sun. Moody purple clouds bruise the beige sky, and we make the […]

Monday Micros: “Pawn’s Gambit” and “Opening Moves”

Last week’s Flash! Friday picture prompt was of two men playing chess. Added to that, we had to include a nemesis. I went fantasy on the first, SF on the second. Pawn’s Gambit Grandfather sags in the Obsidian Throne, sorghum wine staining his beard. Bamboo-straight, Mother perches next to him. Through silks, her belly swells […]

Friday Flasher — “Panacea”

One of the things I love about flash is that it has the creative flexibility of poetry. Non-standard narratives that would get annoying in a longer work, shine in a piece of flash.  For “Panacea” I have the first person narrator address the impact character in the second person. I’m very satisfied with how it […]

Friday Fiction–“From the High Seas”

A day late as I spent yesterday hustling the squid through airplanes and airports. This one came from the Indies Unlimited prompt “New World”, a picture of Boston Harbor.  The fun of the prompt came from the text portion: It was a long journey. Truly, it took much longer than Sergio Cortinez could have ever […]

We Have a Winner! (plus delayed Sunday micro-flash “Safe Landing”)

      My short “Mission Control” won the 150-word Flash! Friday competition last week (announced this week).  The prompt was a picture taken of the astronauts of the Gemini V mission after their water landing…   … and an alien had to be included. I submitted two flashes (as I’d just realized I could […]

Fiction Friday–“The Bone Eater”

I wasn’t going to do the flash fiction contest this week over at Indies Unlimited, but I got a last-minute inspiration from the “Raspberry Delight” prompt: “Wilbur the chipmunk loves raspberries. Unfortunately, the best berries are on the bush up by the woman’s house. That is also where the cat lives. The cat does not […]