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Okay, back to the Platform

Forgive me writerly blog, I’ve been away–but I have a good reason: I was completing my first novel.

What a decade of double-winning NaNoWriMo has taught me is that writing the first draft for a novel is easy for me. Making it into something I could send out to publishers? Let’s just say I had to learn the hard way how different the finished product looks from the the completed NaNo draft. I’ve come to appreciate pre-planning in way the early pants-er me would scoff at. I’ve had to learn the hard way not to fiddle with early drafts: do you know how many hours were wasted when I ended up cutting that overly-fiddled scene? If I came away with anything in this novel venture, it’s this:

DO NOT TRY FOR PERFECTION ON A SECOND DRAFT (and possibly not even on a third or fourth).

Not only will you waste time on scenes that might not make the cut, but you’ll also be reluctant to cut extraneous scenes because you wasted so much time making them perfect.

Another thing I learned: critical and supportive beta readers are the best friends a novelist and finished draft can ever have. (Much gratitude goes out to @TamaraShoemaker and @EmilyJuneStreet–seriously talented writers with incredible work; I recommend checking out their links).

I’ll stop here since I have more queries to send out.



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