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Easing into the Second

Fleshing out the outline, laying down scenes. When I first attempted an NaNoWriMo fifteen years ago, I thought the hardest part of completing a novel was getting all the way through the first draft. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Today, ten first drafts sit in a folder on my laptop. They stand as part of that “million words” a […]

Seven Questions: Mark A. King

Mark was instrumental in the founding of FlashDogs, a community I really needed when new parenthood had me feeling literarily isolated. His incredible talent can be found in his new novel: Metropolitan Dreams. Reblogged from Emily June Street’s blog (another amazing writer, FlashDog, and all-around inspiration)

Microcosms-Flash Fiction

To cleanse the palate between finishing The Scale of the Shadow Dragon and moving ahead on another draft of the second book, I jumped back into a weekly flash fiction contest. Microcosms is a Friday weekly flash contest run by Flash Dog @GeoffHolme. There’s a theme that gives multiple elements. You spin the wheel and get three […]

Okay, back to the Platform

Forgive me writerly blog, I’ve been away–but I have a good reason: I was completing my first novel. What a decade of double-winning NaNoWriMo has taught me is that writing the first draft for a novel is easy for me. Making it into something I could send out to publishers? Let’s just say I had to […]