Monday Micros–“Aflame” and “Soulmates”

Last Thursday, the gods of flash contests smiled on me. Thursday is already an fantastic day for micro-flashing, and my entries managed to hit a judge-y sweet-spot.

First there’s the Three Line Thursday contest over at Grace Black’s blog. You have three lines and 30 words max in response to a picture prompt. The results are splendid little emotion-evocation bombs, from the sublime, to the horrific, to the sexy, to the melancholy, to the laugh-riots (seriously, go take a peek at some of the past entries).

Last week, we got this seductive shot by the very talented Matt Adamik (a generous contributor to the contest prompts):


In revelry, we swirl together

Ladling passion from Carnival’s cabernet lips

Awaken with ashes thick in our throats


That entry earned me second place!

The second Thursday contest is David Borrowdale’s MicroBookends. He supplies the first and last word for a roughly 100-word story AND a picture prompt (many are the times I’ve had to ditch my first attempts because I’d neglected to use the picture). Last week’s bookends were Old and Age, with this shot by Timothy Krause:


Now there’s a shot that refuses to be neglected. My entry earned first place! Here’s “Soulmates” (though “Sole-Mates” would probably be a more apt title):

Old as the hills and heart just as trodden. Everyone I’ve ever loved has ground my lofty peaks to weary slopes. Sanae crushed me under her hopscotch Keds, her silky black braids flicking farewell. Natalie next, her DocMartins did harsh platonic work on my devotion, anarchy symbol imprints. Roger was a dabbler and me an equal-opportunity paramour until his plaid high-tops dribbled my blood tastefully down the pavement. Lady Luck, Lady Justice, Father Time—all similarly crushingly cruel.

Ah, but my sweet barefoot Ouzo! Our bacchanal never ends. Quick, quick, look upon me, dearest. For in your eyes, I am mighty Mount Olympus and this is our Golden Age.


2 comments on “Monday Micros–“Aflame” and “Soulmates”

  1. Hi! I’m not sure if you accept awards so just let me know if you wish to decline. I nominated you for the Creative Blogger Award.

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