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If the Darren Wilson narrative were submitted to a writer’s workshop

Is Wilson supposed to be lying? Or the Chief supposed to be? Oh, you forgot about that. Yeah, a rookie mistake, especially on early drafts.

Friday Flasher: “Gentlefolk”

This one earned runner-up over at Angry Hourglass (round 42 of Flash Frenzy). It’s based on a fabulous photo by David Shakes, whose stories rival his photography in evocative awesomeness. Gentlefolk The contrails of our exodus lace the maroon evening in pink, while the current crinkles against the hull of my skiff. I exhale into […]

Monday Micros: Earth-Colony and a Radioactive Monk

Spill over from last week’s contest. The first one took 3rd place over at MicroBookends, a fun contest where we get a photo prompt and the first and last words for a 100-word flash. Autochthonous Earth clings like a barnacle to a distant sun. Moody purple clouds bruise the beige sky, and we make the […]