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Monday Micros: “Post Time” and “Providence”

My entries for last Flash! Friday. “Post Time” is one of the week’s lone SF tales featuring the prompt of “bankruptcy” and this Depression-era photo (taken by Marion Post Wolcott on Black Thursday): “Post Time” They’re going to cut funding any day now. No one wants to think about pre-Apoc. They’re just waiting for the […]

Friday Flasher: “All Shook Up”

I wasn’t the only one who saw Undead Elvis in that photo.

Monday Micros: “Pawn’s Gambit” and “Opening Moves”

Last week’s Flash! Friday picture prompt was of two men playing chess. Added to that, we had to include a nemesis. I went fantasy on the first, SF on the second. Pawn’s Gambit Grandfather sags in the Obsidian Throne, sorghum wine staining his beard. Bamboo-straight, Mother perches next to him. Through silks, her belly swells […]

Weekend Flash Round-Up: “Carving Out a Space” and “Third Time”

In terms of Scooby Snacks to my ego, this has been a fabulous contest week. First of all, over at Angry Hourglass’s Flash Frenzy, I managed to get another FlashMaster badge for “Carving Out a Space”, an SF piece based on a pic prompt of pumpkins. It got featured here, for Humpday Quickie #39. Then, […]

Monday Micros: “Making it Over” and “Blame Pennywise”

Flash! Friday has a run of incredible tales for round 2–44, based on this picture: and the need to include a surgery.  Head on over to the winners’ circle to check out Josh Bertetta‘s fabulously clever use of the human ability to rearrange the middle letters of a word and still recognize it. The best […]

Friday Flasher: “Perfect Fit” (Flash Frenzy’s Winner)

[Delayed due to Canadian Thanksgiving celebration with pals and the next round of Flash Frenzy.] From Angry Hourglass, my second attempt at Flash Frenzy earned me this: : For Round 38. The prompt photo was this great shot by Ashwin Rao: I went for semi-straight fiction (comedy) on this one. I never really know how […]

Monday Micros: “Ragasa” and “Just a Taste”

I struggled with this Flash Friday prompt. The picture came from GothPhil who shot it off the coast of Dubrovnik, Yugoslavia: … with the entreaty to include a politician. And the imaginations of the writers over at Flash! Friday soared. The winner’s circle included two of my personal top three: the agonizing “Hourly Arithmetic” by […]