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Friday Flasher–“Other Resources”

This week, the Indies Unlimited prompt featured a purse snatcher and a flight of stairs:


“The punk grabbed the old lady’s purse and ran up those steps like a monkey on crack. A little crowd of tourists gathered around as the old woman yelled at me to do something.

I’m at least thirty years older and a good fifty pounds heavier than him. I don’t do foot chases any more.

Looking up at the steps, I just smile. “Oh don’t worry. He’ll be coming back this way in a moment.”

I know something he doesn’t know.”

True to my inclinations, I took it in a fantasy direction:

Other Resources

The purse snatcher scrambled up the steps as if his Docs were on fire. Spry for a guy with more metal trinkets on his jacket than leather.

Despite the goading from Grannie, I didn’t get paid enough as a security guard to launch myself up after him. And what was I supposed to do in the unlikely event that I caught up to him? Tackle him? He wouldn’t need a knife. I’d be impaled by some jacket widget. Death by trinket. No, thanks.

Fortunately, I had other resources.

“He’ll be back,” I assured the purple-haired, red-faced grandame.

Behind my confident grin, I drew magical energy from the ethers. It roiled in my gut like heart burn as I manipulated the spell into a boomerang blast. I focused so hard on the receding figure I could almost smell the beer nuts on his breath.

I was just about to sic my spell on him when a radiant green serpent the size of a palm tree rose up out of no where, scattering the tourists. Its scales glowed like cartoon plutonium. The beast lightninged through the crowds until it struck its target at the top of the stairs.

With a flick of its tail, it delivered the purse into Grannie’s arms. Wound up in its coils, the thief came next. I couldn’t tell if his eyes were bugging out from fear or constriction.

“Can you handle it from here?” Grannie asked me, rubbing the serpent’s snout. “Or shall I keep him summoned?”


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