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More Flash Contests! Indies Unlimited

Another flash fiction contest has come to my attention, with a fast turn around: Indies Unlimited.  It’s pretty much designed for a writer/parent-of-toddler.  (It pays to browse a twitter feed loaded with writers–who knew?)

This one is weekly.  Yep, every Saturday, a photo and text prompt go up, and we have until Tuesday at 5pm (Arizona time) to complete a story in under 250 words.

This is my kind of contest.  Two hundred fifty words? The brainstorm gets done during nap. The first draft is doable if she gets down before eleven (or it can wait until next nap). I still have three more naps and two more reasonable bedtimes for the final if I need them.

Get it done, post it in the comment section.  No endless tweaking and niggling over it.  As an incentive to keep from procrastinating, in the event of a tie, the earlier submission takes the prize.

At the end of the year, the winning stories for the year will be compiled in an anthology.  This week’s prompt: The Shrouded Forest.

We still have two days.

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