Fiction Contests–Crossed Genres

Tipped off by a commenter on an early post, I’ve added another contest to the list of deadline venues.

Crossed Genres offer a new theme monthly.  However, they post the prompts for upcoming months, giving writers more time to complete their stories.  These aren’t necessarily flash; stories can be from 1000-6000 words.  We can also submit up to two stories on a given theme, with the submission window open for one month. 

Issues have included themes such as “myth” (totally regretting I missed that one), “boundaries”,”second contact”, “gifts with consequences”–all of which can be read on their website.  

Last month, the prompt was “school” and I managed to polish something enough to warrant submitting it.  This month is “destruction”.  I’m playing around with an old concept that never made it past a second draft, and I have a new idea percolating–so I’m grateful that we get two chances at it.  Since this is an off-month for Shock Totem‘s contest and the deadline for Mash Stories current contest is still a couple months off, I just might be able to crank out two.


2 comments on “Fiction Contests–Crossed Genres

  1. nice to have another CG submitter. we’ll need to compare notes on how we approach prompts at some point.


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