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Fiction Friday–“The Bone Eater”

I wasn’t going to do the flash fiction contest this week over at Indies Unlimited, but I got a last-minute inspiration from the “Raspberry Delight” prompt: “Wilbur the chipmunk loves raspberries. Unfortunately, the best berries are on the bush up by the woman’s house. That is also where the cat lives. The cat does not […]

Sunday Micro-fiction–“Comet”

Ahoy! I spotted yet another flash fiction contest. This one limited to 150 words (give or take 10) over at Flash! Friday. This last Friday’s picture prompt gave us a castaway sailor (Marooned, a painting by Howard Pyle) and the word “arrogance”:   I loved the challenge of telling a story in 160 words! Once the […]

Flash Fiction Friday

This picture of seagulls panicking was the prompt for the Indies Unlimited weekly flash contest, along with the following text: “On this peninsula, the weather can come from any direction. You learn to watch the animals for signs of the big storms. I saw the gulls coming from the north and moving fast. They paid no attention […]

Fiction Friday–“Masterpiece”

With this week’s prompt I got to play around with Nammu, a primeval goddess out of the Fertile Crescent. I didn’t do heavy promoting of this week’s Indies Unlimited flash fiction contest.  I don’t want it to be a popularity contest, and really why would I? 1) I don’t have much of a following, and 2) […]

Dismantling the Narrative

With all that’s going on this week, I’m setting aside my Thursday review of WDSF.  Between #Ferguson and #OCaptainMyCaptain, any tweets promoting writing or reading seemed trivial or desperate.  If I reviewed anything right now, it would get an ugly picking at.   Boy, was it a crappy time for me to get into twitter. […]

Writer during Sleeps

The monkey is going through a developmental spurt which purees her sleep schedule, so I’m slotting in writerly time where I can. On the #amediting front, I’m slaughtering an 8000-word gorgon. Out of its corpse springs a more manageable (and marketable) 6000-word pegasus.  It pained me to hack off so many sparkly serpents, but redundancy […]

Fiction Friday–“Mother’s Plea”

My entry to this week’s Indies Unlimited contest came in at third place.  The clear favorite was “Reunion” by Christian A. Brown–so a hearty congratulations goes out to him. I was a little surprised at the (lack of) distribution of votes.  Some stories I though would pick up at least a few stray votes didn’t get […]

WDSF Review: “A Word Shaped Like Bones” by Kris Millering

The second tale in Lightspeed’s Women Destroy Science Ficiton edition comes from Kris Millering called “Words Shaped Like Bones”. The first page grabs the reader by the throat: an artist (the MC) is sharing the confinements of a spaceship with an unidentified dead man.  Maureen is headed to the alien world of Hippocrene to share her sculptures […]

Tools for Writing–Submission Grinder

I’d first heard of Diabolical Plots when they started doing reviews for the stories on Daily Science Fiction, to which I subscribe (free spec-fic in e-mailbox everyday!), So, they’d been on my radar for about a year before they became my best writerly friend. The (Submission) Grinder is an online tool for writers to search for markets […]

More Flash Contests! Indies Unlimited

Another flash fiction contest has come to my attention, with a fast turn around: Indies Unlimited.  It’s pretty much designed for a writer/parent-of-toddler.  (It pays to browse a twitter feed loaded with writers–who knew?) This one is weekly.  Yep, every Saturday, a photo and text prompt go up, and we have until Tuesday at 5pm (Arizona […]