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Fiction Friday–“The Bone Eater”

I wasn’t going to do the flash fiction contest this week over at Indies Unlimited, but I got a last-minute inspiration from the “Raspberry Delight” prompt: “Wilbur the chipmunk loves raspberries. Unfortunately, the best berries are on the bush up by the woman’s house. That is also where the cat lives. The cat does not […]

Sunday Micro-fiction–“Comet”

Ahoy! I spotted yet another flash fiction contest. This one limited to 150 words (give or take 10) over at Flash! Friday. This last Friday’s picture prompt gave us a castaway sailor (Marooned, a painting by Howard Pyle) and the word “arrogance”:   I loved the challenge of telling a story in 160 words! Once the […]

Flash Fiction Friday

This picture of seagulls panicking was the prompt for the Indies Unlimited weekly flash contest, along with the following text: “On this peninsula, the weather can come from any direction. You learn to watch the animals for signs of the big storms. I saw the gulls coming from the north and moving fast. They paid no attention […]

Fiction Friday–“Masterpiece”

With this week’s prompt I got to play around with Nammu, a primeval goddess out of the Fertile Crescent. I didn’t do heavy promoting of this week’s Indies Unlimited flash fiction contest.  I don’t want it to be a popularity contest, and really why would I? 1) I don’t have much of a following, and 2) […]

Dismantling the Narrative

With all that’s going on this week, I’m setting aside my Thursday review of WDSF.  Between #Ferguson and #OCaptainMyCaptain, any tweets promoting writing or reading seemed trivial or desperate.  If I reviewed anything right now, it would get an ugly picking at.   Boy, was it a crappy time for me to get into twitter. […]

Writer during Sleeps

The monkey is going through a developmental spurt which purees her sleep schedule, so I’m slotting in writerly time where I can. On the #amediting front, I’m slaughtering an 8000-word gorgon. Out of its corpse springs a more manageable (and marketable) 6000-word pegasus.  It pained me to hack off so many sparkly serpents, but redundancy […]

Fiction Friday–“Mother’s Plea”

My entry to this week’s Indies Unlimited contest came in at third place.  The clear favorite was “Reunion” by Christian A. Brown–so a hearty congratulations goes out to him. I was a little surprised at the (lack of) distribution of votes.  Some stories I though would pick up at least a few stray votes didn’t get […]