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Reading–Women Destroy Science Fiction


I have been waiting to get this into my hot little virtual hands.  I was crushed when I discovered the call for submissions several days after the deadline.  Even though I couldn’t participate in creating it, I’m thrilled to be reading it.

Christie Yant, the guest editor for the Women Destroy Science Fiction issue has more to say, but essentially the fallacy has been grumbled about fandom that women are “ruining” science fiction–an odd fallacy given that one of the earliest greats of SF was Mary Shelley with Frankenstein.  Ms. Yant one day expressed her frustration with the sentiment by asking all the women of SF if they wanted to help her “destroy” SF together. The response was incredible.  The Kickstarter far exceeded its goal and over a thousand people submitted work to the project.

Since I only get to do this during sporadic nap times, I’m going to be taking this slowly, in both the reading and the writing of reviews.

Up on deck is “Each to Each” by Seanan McGuire.




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