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Story and Study: Ej-Es by Nancy Kress

About ten years ago, the anthology Stars inspired several well-knowns to write stories based on Janis Ian songs. Janis Ian is a SF writer herself, calling SF the “jazz of prose”.  There are many gems in the anthology, but one of my favorites comes from Nancy Kress, who wrote “Ej-Es”, a heart-wrenchingly unique take on the […]

Story and Study: Ponies by Kij Johnson

Another flash piece, “Ponies” earned Kij Johnson the Nebula Award for 2010 (one of several).  You can find it here, on Tor’s website.  With character names like TopGirl and TheOtherGirls, it reads like a simple allegory, but it’s an allegory that delivers a gut-punch. It would be easy to write this one off as another […]

Story and Study: Freefall by Eric James Stone

Daily Science Fiction gives us a bounty of free specfic.  Subscribers (again, free!) get daily stories sent to their email box: four flash fiction pieces Monday-Thursday, and on Friday a longer piece to see us through the weekend.  Other readers can find the pieces a week later on the website.  Michele-Lee Barasso and Johnathon Laden […]

Story and Study: Articles of a Personal Nature, by Deborah Coates

“Articles of a Personal Nature” can be found on Deborah Coates’ author blog, here. “Tracking is about communication, decision-making, and memory. Tracking is reading your dog. It’s recognizing your place and holding firmly to it. It’s totally and completely about trust and communication. The official objective of a tracking test is to demonstrate a dog’s […]

Project Spec

Welcome. There is an incredible amount of free SF/fantasy/slipstream stories floating around the tubes, and I can’t stand to see such spectacular resources go to waste.  The intent of this blog is the creative distillation of several passions: reading, writing–mostly specfic, as the blog-title asserts–and teaching. When I come across particularly tasty reading material, I’ll […]